HOPPER by Internationaal Danstheater and Doelen Ensemble at de Doelen, Rotterdam

28th May.

After the first collaboration in the dance concert Silent Songs in last season, the Doelen Ensemble from Rotterdam, together with the International Dance Theater, create a performance based on the work of painter Edward Hopper.

Wim Wenders used inspiration from Hopper’s work in his film Paris-Texas: standing still in moving film, and movement in still perspectives. A story about ‘the time’. Each painting has a story before it stands still, and seems to continue after the “photo” moment. But then what? What was it, what happened afterwards? Time seems stretched, and his paintings were a resistance to modern alienation. In the dance we see tranquil scenes at the same time.



Jeroen van Acker

Lorenzo Capodieci

Francesca Peniguel



Jellantsje de Vries – violin

Ilse Eijsink – klarinet

Maarten van Veen – piano

Choreografie– Neel Verdoorn