O. FESTIVAL (formerly OperaDagen) 2021 in Rotterdam

 23rd – 29th August.

More than 65 performances can be seen at 25 locations in Rotterdam. The international festival of opera, music and theater has daily program from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. From unique location performances to exciting productions in the halls of the city and from works in progress to world premieres, by young makers and more famous names. unexpected musical combinations, movies, pop-ups and late night shows. Opera. Music. Theater. O. is seven all over Rotterdam for days.

Artistic director Guy Coolen about O. 2021:

“We are really looking forward to having a party with many artists from Rotterdam and outside, and with our audience. We invite everyone to a journey of discovery along moving and surprising voices popping up all over the city. In the theatres, on street or unusual locations, finally ‘live’ again and hopefully with as many people as possible. I cannot wait!”

Visitors can choose their own O. experience. With a day ticket they can travel in one day from early to late festivals in O. style. The real O.(pera) fans can go for a passepartout with which they can dive into the wonderful world of O. for a week. Of course there are also individual tickets for sale for all performances

O. 2021 corona-proof has been set up within 1,5 meters of reality, with a limited capacity and without testing obligation.

O. is the new name for Operadagen Rotterdam. O. is a festival for the curious visitors. O. stands for opera and breaking open the genre. O. focuses on adventure, talented makers and cross-links with genres: from performance to electropop and from smartlap to street culture. O. doesn’t think in boxes. O. is open minded. O. moves, renews and connects. O. is as diverse as Rotterdam.

Full program can be found here