AI WEIWEI In Search of Humanity at Kunsthal Rotterdam

Ai Weiwei engages both with past and present of China, openly protesting against the destruction of the country’s culture. He professes not to seek to make art for the sake of beauty, although everything he has created is in fact beautiful and executed to perfection. But the message is always beyond the objects’ surface appearance. His is the visual language of activism, of protest against injustice, the pernicious state control over information, denial of free speech to the Chinese population in particular and human rights abuses world wide.

NN ARTS FESTIVAL 2023 in The Hague

To introduce the whole of the Netherlands to the power of art in an accessible way, Nationale-Nederlanden has introduced the NN Art Festival, an eleven day event which runs until 8th October in more than twenty museums throughout The Netherlands. We were at the launch of the initiative last night at the Kunstmuseum in The Hague, the city in which Nationale-Nederlanden has its headquarters.

SPLENDOR SONIC CIRCUS at Theater Carré in Amsterdam

At Amsterdam’s Theater Carré more than fifty performers invited us to conquer every cavity of the theater amidst an ocean of electrifying sounds.
In celebration of Splendor’s 10th anniversary, musicians and dancers of the circus shook the stage (quite literally) as they took the audience on an adventurous journey through Classical, Jazz, Western, Eastern and even new experimental musical arrangements.

CIRQUE MANIA at Korzo in The Hague

22nd September. Opening Night – PINK BOOTS AND AN ALCOHOLIC SOCK. This show really appealed to me when I saw it announced. I am a fan of circus arts and always go for the quirky, eccentric and even the very silly – Pink Boots and an Alcoholic Sock promised all that. I started off quite liking Harvey Cobb and I tried very hard to like his show, but sadly I didn’t.

NDT presents IN/WITH/IN at Amare in The Hague and on tour

The performance got under way with a reprise of Marco Goecke’s 2022 I Love You, Ghosts, a rather sombre, macabre even, event with lots of black and chiaroscuro. The opening music, Harry Belafonte singing the soothing Try to Remember from the 1960 musical The Fantasticks, augured perhaps a sentimental journey, but this turned out not to be.

11th UNSEEN PHOTO FAIR in Amsterdam

The iconic Westergas in Amsterdam became an engaging and lively scene, attracting several international artists and photography enthusiasts. In total, 78 exhibitors, 65 publishers of the book market and 9 special projects from around the globe present this year’s theme of nature and humankind’s relationship with the environment