Lex Paleaux’s WINTER WATER at Korzo in The Hague

Studio Figur, Rieks Swarte and Feikes Huis’s production of Winterwater, adapted from the debut auto-biographical novel by Lex Paleaux, is the coming-of-age story of Lex, a young lad from rural Fresia. Brilliantly portrayed in three stages of his formative years by life-size puppets, we learn about the boy’s lonely life

UNIVERSUM MAX BECKMANN at Kunst Museum in The Hague

Initially borrowing from his contemporaries like Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Edvard Munch, we see him slowly developing his own style. Throughout his career he remains faithful to figuration, already arguing with Frans Marc in 1912 about to tendencies towards abstraction which – to Beckmann – was merely decoration.

Singer Robbie Williams to exhibit his paintings in Amsterdam

The best-selling British solo artist Robbie Williams will soon open his first art exhibition with artworks he has created over the years. He has chosen to collaborate with MOCO Museum in Amsterdam for this purpose. The exhibition Pride and Self-Prejudice opens on 8th March.


At first, Groener’s very delicate series of pieces appears charming, even nostalgic and maybe a little obsessive. Her multiple creations shown here are constructed from tiny twigs about the size of small match sticks, fashioned into what resembles miniature cages or baskets, some but not all ornamented by dried grasses or leaves. There are over four hundred of them lined up on a narrow shelf around the gallery.

Jukebox Museum De Panne collection under the hammer

On 24th February the world-famous collection of Jukebox Museum De Panne will be auctioned by The Dutch Auction Company in Tilburg. This auction includes more than 100 jukeboxes, various wallboxes and numerous accessories from leading brands such as Wurlitzer, Seeburg, AMI, Rock-Ola, NSM and Tonomat.

H’ART Museum’s future programme highlights

The former Hermitage brings together world-famous art from all over the world. The programme for 2024-2028 is organized in collaboration with new museum partners: Center Pompidou, British Museum and Smithsonian American Art Museum. is planned for Amsterdam’s 750th anniversary in 2025

FROM HERE NOW FAR by NDT1 at Amare in The Hague and on tour

Figures in Extinction [2], the second of the joint ventures between NDT’s Crystal Pite and British theatre director Simon McBurney, is part of NDT’s new show, From Here Now Far which premiered last night at the Amare in The Hague. Their award winning first collaborative work, Figures in Extinction [1.0] premiered in The Hague last year