ENDLESS SECOND by QETC at CC Amstel Studio in Amsterdam

Described as a “play about consent within a relationship”, the realistic interpersonal interaction between the actors and dramatic tension helps to encourage  retrospection with two excellent and electric performances from Danielle Hollreiser and Charlie Bird. Stewart’s script contains believable dialogue, the unusual use of vocalized stage directions and mirroring and echoing, adding to the feeling that you’re not sure what is real, imagined, or whose perspective you can hear.


The music of the Meral Polat Trio clearly has its roots in the music and folk-lore of Anatolia, most of which is modern Turkey, and more specifically in its south-east, an area inhabited by the Kurds. Now, it is a sad thing to say but folk music, the blues, soul or whatever you want to call it, rarely thrives on good luck stories. Hardship is its stock in trade and when it comes to hardship the Kurds have had more than their fair share of it and continue to do so.


For the next coming four weeks, Treehouse NDSM in Amsterdam-Noord is holding a unique exhibition that diverges from this norm: Rather than showcasing a completion of perfected, finished artworks, the “process of making” a piece of art is playfully explored instead by a diverse group of participating artists . . . 

CLIMB THE SKY by NDT2 at Amare in The Hague and on tour

The three pieces that make up NDT2’s Climb the Sky each had a very different visual presentations and each had its own mood. The opening of Ten Duets on a Theme of Rescue by NDT stalwart Crystal Pite started quite aggressively with the audience caught in the beam of a pair of car-like headlights pointed straight at them. Slowly we made out a pair of back-lit dancers and as the piece progresses we saw that the action was taking place within a semi-circle of spotlights on stands

The 76th HOLLAND FESTIVAL runs through June and July

The artist as social critic: this is the perspective around which the 76th Holland Festival appears to be organised. Audiences are invited to journey into a series of ‘alternative worlds’ which make use of such techniques as poetic-dance (see Lucas Avendaño’s  Leminskata) and virtual-reality (see Susanne Kennedy’s  Angela) in order to examine the central crises of contemporary life.

NEW EUROPEAN ENSEMBLE plays HOSOKAWA at Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague

What’s good about the NEuE is that you always get something different, something new and exciting, whether it be new performance-based works like their version of George Orwell’s 1984 or Metamorfosen, the recent piece inspired by the works of MC Escher, or straightforward concert performances. This evening’s event was the latter.

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam acquires works by Lotti van der Gaag

On International Women’s Day, the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam enriches the collection with no fewer than nineteen works by Cobra artist Lotti van der Gaag. These include three paintings that were purchased with the help of the Mondriaan Fund: Festival d’Amour (1967), Adam et Eve Chassés aux Paradis (1965) and an untitled work from 1974.