The 2024 FESTIVAL CLASSIQUE on the beach

Festival Classique converted a section of the Scheveningen beach into its very own festival site. The landmark; especially designed for the fete was labelled “Light Pavilion,” which brought musicians from near and far to perform on the sandy beach of Scheveningen strand with its vast expanse of ocean stretching out before the onslaught of classical music enthusiasts.

Restoration of Panorama Mesdag in The Hague is underway

Preparations for a major cleaning of the world-famous Panorama of Mesdag have been underway since May. Two restorers remove dirt from the huge 1,680m2 canvas and carry out local maintenance and restoration work. No less than three months have been allocated to the job – and all this to be done under the gaze of visitors to the Panorama.

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac at Zuiderpark Theater in The Hague

The tribute band’s sound was so eerily similar to that of the actual Fleetwood Mac band that I had to repeatedly remind myself that I wasn’t witnessing the real thing. This was made even more difficult by Sophie Worsley and Jess Harwood who channelled the spirits of Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks, both in voice and mannerisms. If I were forced to come up with a fault, it would be that the evening ended all too quickly.

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE ALGORITHM at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam

The show demands you join in; as the name suggests, they need your data – a quick QR code scan invites you to share your public facing social media profiles. As I filled this in, like others in the audience, I began to imagine the way it would be perceived and how it could be made fun of. I confess this did leave me with an uneasy feeling.

An appeal from Zaal 3 of the National Theater

New theatre talent is given a stage in The National Theatre’s Zaal 3 in The Hague – but we do need new audience seating. An auditorium that can last for years to come, is not so steep and offers space for more theatre lovers. This way, there will soon be more attention from the audience for all the talent that gets a chance here. Will you help?