Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns – WHERE ARE YOU? at Bildhalle in Amsterdam

Viewers may also remark on the genuine tactility in Ariëns’ work. The photographs have an almost paint-like, ‘imperfect’ tangible quality which is in fact deliberately enhanced through a photopolymer etching technique (an old printing method). Ariëns uses a printing plate exposed with photopolymer film.

FIRES OF VARANASI in the India Dance Festival in The Hague

Fires of Varanasi: Dance of the Eternal Pilgrim by the Ragmala Dance Company. Contrary to Western belief that death is the end, Hindus believe it to be only the beginning. The ancient holy city of Varanasi, on the banks of the Ganges, is where life and death become one and continue together in the eternal afterlife – death being the beginning of a never ending pilgrimage.

Salmonella at A’Dam Tower in Amsterdam

In the several layers of movement, the tactility in the harmonies and music, their performance not only successfully compliments the tragic-comedy of ‘going through life and figuring it all out’ but also playfully allows the audience to distinguish the metaphors riddled within . . .

INDIA DANCE FESTIVAL at Korzo in The Hague

This was a big production by any standard and certainly the biggest I have seen at the Korzo’s with sixty artists on stage and an extra fifty seats on the side of the playing area to accommodate the huge demand for tickets. And, as you would expect, there were a lot of people and organizations involved in the production.

NDT1’s DO NOT RUN FLY at Amare in The Hague and on tour

Without Walls is the third piece created by Yoann Bourgeois with his partner Marie Bourgeois and is a tour de force of imagination and presentation. This, like his previous offering for NDT, Little Song, was much more than dance and included circus skills, theatrical special effect and lots more besides.

J.S. BACH – The Apocalypse by Opera2Day on tour

The opera tells the story of Jan van Leyden, a ne’er do well 16th-century Dutch actor, pub owner and tailor with the gift of the gab, an Anabaptist who believed that the end of time was near. He convinced his followers that they would be among the chosen ones at the Last Judgment. They moved to Münster in Germany and founded a fundamentalist community

JEAN-GUIHEN QUEYRAS to be The Hague’s next artist in residence

Jean-Guihen Queyras is artist in residence in The Hague in the 2024/2025 season with the Residentie Orchestra, Amare and the Royal Conservatory. At concerts conducted by Keram Hasan, Anja Bihlmaier and Jun Märkl in Amare, the Concertgebouw and De Doelen, the top cellist plays works by Dvořák, Haydn and Bartók.