12th Edition of the ABN AMRO Art Prize

The winner of the 2024 ABN AMRO Art Prize for female talent in the Netherlands will be awarded an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The winning artist will be will be announced on 16th May. The ABN AMRO Art Prize has been encouraging promising artists in their development since 2004 and bringing their work to the largest possible audience.

SINGERS WANTED for Delft Chamber Music Festival Choir

This year, the Delft Chamber Music Festival is organizing a concert performance of the short opera Le Villi by Giacomo Puccini in collaboration with the Molto Foundation. They call on amateur singers (m/f) to sing in the opera choir. For this choir, the festival is looking for enthusiastic amateur singers who will study and perform Le Villi within two days.

GREG SHAPIRO Saves the Climate at Branoul in The Hague

Greg’s project started when his eighteen-year-old son complained about being depressed, brought on by the news about climate change, and Greg set out to find any positive aspects of the issue and the result is this show. He takes us through some of the developments and innovations that could halt, or at least slow down the slide

STOP PRESS – NDT production wins Olivier Award in London

Nederlands Dans Theater’s production of Gabriela Carrizo La Ruta tonight won the prestigious Olivier Award for best new dance production. La Ruta (The Road), is truly the stuff of which dreams are made – nightmares more like. We find ourselves on a lonely stretch of road on a dark misty night, a bus shelter our only refuge and source of light – although other lights come from myriad vehicles hurtling by.

ORIGIN – the new double-bill from Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

I think darkness was the operative word and black was the operative colour in Xingxing Gong’s Kiss the Darkness, part of Origin, the new double-bill from Scapino. This impressive and masterful piece of theatre was all strange threatening shapes and ominous angular shadows which put me in mind of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari or the 1922 film of Nosferatu.

Michael Raedecker MATERIAL WORLDS at Kunst Museum in The Hague

Dutchman Michael Raedecker burst onto the art scene in London soon after his arrival there in the late nineties. His pictures are in the Saatchi, Tate Modern and numerous other collections. He never left England, has lived and worked in London ever since. Fifteen years after his first showing at The Hague’s Kunstmuseum he is back with a major retrospective.

CRAVING FOR BOIJMANS Museum building will open for five weeks

To celebrate its 175th anniversary, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen presents Craving for Boijmans. For five weeks, from 1st June to 7th July, the closed museum building in Rotterdam will open for a special art route and an extra programme in the Henket pavilion. The museum garden will also be open.