New Business Director appointed at Kunstmuseum Den Haag

Paul Broekhoff (Amstelveen, 1963) becomes the new business director of Kunstmuseum Den Haag. In Broekhoff, the museum has found a decisive, enterprising and socially involved personality with a connecting and empathetic management style. He was appointed by the Supervisory Board, following a positive advice from the museum’s works council.

Paul Broekhoff succeeds Hans Buurman on 1st July 2021, who was responsible for the museum’s financial and organizational management for 27 years and who is co-architect of the museum’s current prominent position. He was also the driving force behind the social programs of Kunstmuseum Den Haag. Broekhoff brings a wealth of experience and contacts with him in both the Hague and the national politics and culture sector. Since 2007 he has been active in various roles at the Municipality of The Hague; as director of culture and later director of culture and sports, he was responsible for years for the policy and financial management of the culture and sports sectors. Since 2017, he has been director of the The Hague Library and the Hague Municipal Archives. In that position he worked hard for the preservation of the local libraries in The Hague, which together attract approximately 2.7 million visitors a year and are of great importance to the city and its inhabitants. The fact that Broekhoff understands the social added value of education, debate, encounters and art and culture and has demonstrably embraced it is of great importance to the Kunstmuseum. With the City to the Museum program, since 2009, the Kunstmuseum has structurally focused on people who do not always know how to find their way to the museum. Every year, the Kunstmuseum invites residents of all neighborhoods in The Hague to the well-known district evenings. These evenings are organized in collaboration with the people and organizations that matter in the neighborhoods, including libraries and community centers.

Paul Broekhoff studied Art History and Archeology at the University of Amsterdam. As a research assistant he was part of the Rembrandt Research Project, worked in several positions at the Council of Culture and was senior policy advisor to the Arts Department at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Benno Tempel, general director Kunstmuseum The Hague: “Together with my colleagues from the Kunstmuseum, I look forward to the arrival of Paul Broekhoff. I am convinced that he will also be able to lead the museum to a stable future in these uncertain times. ” Paul Broekhoff: “As a graduated art historian, I have wanted to work in a museum all my life. The fact that this opportunity now presents itself in one of the most beautiful museums in the Netherlands is a unique opportunity for me personally. It is my strong belief that art and culture must relate to society and make a connecting contribution to society. The fact that it is precisely this assignment that is part of my assignment at the museum makes this step a wonderful challenge for me.”

Photo: Gerrit Schreurs