A successful BOOST YOUR MIND at Museum Panorama Mesdag in The Hague

Museum Panorama Mesdag briefly opened its doors on Wednesday, 19th January with the playful Boost Your Mind campaign. The action was very successful. In blocks of time, the museum was able to provide nearly a hundred visitors with a stimulating ‘art booster’. In this way, the museum drew attention to the soon-to-be reopening of the museum and culture sector and thus linked up with the national action of the Museum Association: the Museum Gym.


Boost Your Mind turned out to be a successful, inspiring and harmonious afternoon. The mind was stimulated by the monumental optical illusion of Hendrik Willem Mesdag, philosophical art discussions were held under the guidance of professionals, attention was paid to looking at art in a mindful way and harmonious maintenance was maintained.

Understanding and emotion

Visitors were very grateful to be welcome. The museum, in turn, felt supported by their visit. The public donated spontaneously and many of them were visibly moved in the museum. The playful opening promotion was much appreciated, the public was very understanding. Museum director Minke Schat: “Of course we understand that measures are needed, we see the pressure in society, the catering industry, among young people and healthcare. We have to get corona under control together. But with perspective and equality. Art and Culture are the foundations of society. Where public flows now visit the shops in cities without a protocol, the culture must remain closed with a crowd protocol. We don’t understand that. With this action we hope to have given the signal that art and culture are essential for many and deserve a higher place on the political agenda. At the same time, we remain grateful for all the support we have received in corona time from the government, the municipality, individuals and companies. It was therefore very good for us today that we were surprised by a heartwarming visit from culture alderman Robert van Asten”.    19th January 2022