Stacz Wilhelm has decided, after consultation, to step down as artistic director of dance at Korzo from 1st April. Now that Korzo is shifting course in the coming policy period, visions and views about the demarcation of responsibilities no longer seem to fit seamlessly together. That is unfortunate and it will also take some time to get used to  the absence of “the face” of Korzo; Wilhelm was not only head of production for many years, but in recent years he also developed into an artistic ambassador for Korzo.

“This year I have been associated with Korzo for 22 years. The fact that I have worked in this organization for so long and with such intensity says a lot about the quality and artistic diversity of the artists who have found their home in Korzo over the years, sharing their art and inspiration with us and the public. It was a job I could never get bored with. It has always been a voyage of discovery, where hundreds of different worlds were visited: that of every choreographer, of all dancers and designers, and of the many enthusiastic organizations at home and abroad that I had the honour to work with. Together with the unlimited dedication of my colleagues, we have made Korzo into what it is today: a unique organization with its own point of view, a beacon for dance in The Hague, the Netherlands and beyond, with enormous potential that is being redesigned every day. I am happy that I was able to contribute to this.”

Gemma Jelier, director of Korzo: “When you think of Korzo, you think of Stacz: the man with the greatest heart for dancers, choreographers and their development. He enthusiastically put Korzo on the map both nationally and internationally and his expertise is unparalleled. That he now chooses new roads outside Korzo is a loss for Korzo. On behalf of all of us, I thank Stacz for his vital contribution to our organization and dance in general.”

Photo by Rob Hogeslag