DORDTYART, Dordrecht

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Maasstraat 11
3313 CR Dordrecht

Tel. +31 (0)78 632 1200


In the past five years, DordtYart programmed contemporary visual arts in the Biesboschhal. They commissioned 50 artists to work in the hall and invited 24 artists in residence who worked at DordtYart for three months to share their research with the audience.

DordtYart is an art park, which is located on a cultural, industrial site in Dordrecht, the Biesboschhal, a former marine plant in the Stadswerven (BV Scheepswerf en Machinefabriek Biesbosch – Dordrecht). The Stadswerven in Dordrecht is an old industrial area, which will be transformed to a residential area. This makes DordtYart a unique and temporary project for a period of eight years (until 2020). In the spring of 2011 the renovation of the hall started. The municipality of Dordrecht renovated the exterior. DordtYart renovated, in cooperation with 2012 Architects, the interior of the hall with recycled materials. There are partitions from the Kunsthal, doors and cabinets from the Erasmus Medical Centre. The kitchen originates from Pasta Genova.

DordtYart accommodates modern and contemporary arts, not only in the form of exhibitions but also in the form of productions. The Biesboschhal is a location, which can be used as a place to exhibit as well as to produce. Artists make use of studio spaces and there is also an artist in recidence program. There will be expositions, video installations, and watercrafts. DordtYart not only offers its visitors the possibility to view art, it also allows visitors to get involved with the creation of art. By making the the artists accessible to the public, interaction is made possible.

Being seasonal, DordtYart is open to the public during a period of six months, in the spring and summer. During these months, one can view various works of art, both inside and outside the Biesboschhal. In the winter DordtYart is closed, the reason here fore is the maintenance of the building and making preparations for the new season.

For DordtYart three key issues play a central role, namely: art, audience and work. For the implementation of these three key issues, DordtYart has developed an integrated series of activities in her program. In addition to these three key issues, DordtYart will also be providing in the form of training, courses, and workshops (both for schools and companies). And will collaborate with different (inter)national institutions.

Open April – October