A film by MALI ARUN – Paradisus at FOAM 3h in Amsterdam

Paradisus, 2016 © Mali Arun, Photo Thomas Ozoux

3rd July – 13th September.

Foam presents a short film by filmmaker Mali Arun (1987, France) in Foam 3h starting 3rd July. In front of the camera a breathtaking landscape in black and white unfolds, teeming with lush vegetation and overwhelming waterfalls. Arun travelled to the seemingly untouched Krka nature reserve in Croatia. What she found there turned out to be far from paradise. The place is overrun by a never-ending stream of tourists who move in large numbers through the landscape, albeit uncomfortably.

Static, without tricks or elaborate artistic interventions, the camera simply registers the discomfort and the detachment with which modern man relates to his once natural habitat. We see tourists ‘consume’ the landscape en masse, as if it were an amusement park. As the film progresses, it takes on a steadily more oppressive undertone. The overwhelming natural beauty gradually turns into the setting for what increasingly resembles an apocalyptic doom scenario.

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