One of the biggest annual events in Delft is the free Jazz Festival which takes place in August each year in the town’s main square.

By way of a small sample of what can be expected, the festival’s organiser, Bram Stoeken, puts on a mini festival as a taster for the riches to come. This year the one-day festival fell on the longest day and so was called, rather cleverly, the Midsummer Jazz. It took place on the small open area behind Delft’s railway station which shares the building with the Gemeente.

There were food and drink stalls and one selling hats. Lots of kids were running around and everyone enjoyed one of the sunniest, if not the warmest, evenings of the summer. The three bands – Roa!, Liberati Quartet and Smandem – consisting of entirely young musicians, came from Amsterdam and Rotterdam as well as from Delft where there is a very healthy jazz scene all year round. Providing the music while the bands took a breather was DJ Della Goossens.