Museum of electronic music to open in Amsterdam

The first modern museum for electronic music ‘Our House’ will open its doors in August this year at one of the Netherlands’ most legendary locations for dance culture: Amstelstraat 24-26 in Amsterdam Center, former location of historic club iT – one of the first Dutch clubs in the late 1980s. The interactive, futuristic museum pays tribute to national and international dance culture.

Club iT gained international fame in the early 1990s with its extravagant parties and (together with De Roxy, among others) caused the big breakthrough of house music in the Netherlands. It is no coincidence that Our House opens its doors on the site of the former iconic Club iT: “The iT will forever remain a legendary and historic place when it comes to electronic music culture. We are very happy to be able to open Our House at a location with such a special heritage, in the center of Amsterdam, ” said Jeroen Jansen, co-initiator of Our House and former Creative Director of ID&T.

In Our House, visitors are immersed in the world of dance music and learn about the origins and history of this popular culture and all its subcultures. Our House tells the story of this innovative music culture through the pillars of history, technology and community. Upon entering, you walk from one interactive installation to another where world-famous DJs tell about the journey that house music has made over the past 40 years. Furthermore, the fans and the community have their say, but especially also in the picture; the younger generations of today who, together with artists and promoters of clubs, parties and festivals, are the driving force behind the success of electronic music on an international scale. In addition to the experience of the many light and video installations, the visitor of Our House will experience the ultimate club experience of the future.

Hybrid collaboration with club AIR Amsterdam 

Our House has entered into a partnership with AIR Amsterdam club for a number of rooms in the new museum. During the day, visitors experience the interactive museum of Our House and at night these spaces transform into some crazy dance floors for the club. Jeroen Jansen: “By sharing parts of our museum with AIR, we make use of the acoustic and technical possibilities that the location offers and thus we can present the content of the museum in part as a show as we envision it.” Sander Groet, founder of AIR Amsterdam, shares this statement: “The unique collaboration with Our House ensures that the club also gets a nice interpretation during the day. In addition, it offers us the opportunity to thoroughly refurbish our club after more than 10 years with the latest state of the art video, light and sound elements, so that we remain among the absolute top of the European clubs. ”     25th February 2021

Photo by Jelle Draper