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Sajetplein 39,
1091 DB Amsterdam

020 – 665 45 68

OOSTBLOK is the stage of the eastern part of Amsterdam. An accessible place with a quirky and diverse program. OOSTBLOK presents performances for children, young people and for adult audiences. Performing arts feeds the imagination, enlarges the perspective, leads to reflection and conversation. Eastern Bloc believes that theatre and art are important ingredients of a good life. Eastern bloc as comrade of the arts a welcoming stage for interesting, creative minds, young and old, starting and experienced.

OOSTBLOK programs performances at home and on location in Oost, partners with small and large institutions, inside and outside the cultural sector, in the East and in the city. All the (stage) art climate in Amsterdam (East) supports and strengthens the role and position of the OOSTBLOK, our enthusiasm. And in the nature of our work and the way we think, we work like and full of conviction together with others. First of all, however, we focus on our core business and main ambition: high-quality performing arts in East.