PUNK YOUR SPIRIT at the Korzo Theater, Den Haag

22nd April.

In Punk Your Spirit the two dancers from the previous chapter of Rosenbergs performative novel Going Primal are coming back to live. Their bodies are emerging and starting to physically transform, supercharged by the lifting force of sound and vibrations. Richard van Kruysdijk’s music is extremely present, emotional and physical. The energy is morphing outward through his body into his bass guitar and vibrating back.

The camera operated by Nicola Cavalazzi is choreographed throughout the experience. His view is a witness on stage the image being projected on the back wall, offering the audience the possibilities to experience several realities and perspectives.

Punk Your Spirit was previously presented in a hybrid form: both live performed and streamed live online.  Creating simultaneous experiences, having the choreographed lens as the portal to the world outside. For Moving Futures Keren presents a streamed experience.