Scapino Ballet’s Bonnie Doets to give her final performance

On 8th September at the Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam Bonnie Doets will dance her last major premiere with the performance of Oscar. The star dancer of Scapino is leaving the dance scene after a career spanning 30 years. In 1992 she made her debut in Armando Navarro’s Scapino’s Nutcracker. She has remained with the company throughout her career and has danced in all of Ed Wubbe’s choreographies. Oscar is also Ed Wubbe’s last major premiere.

Bonnie Doets has won many awards for her work as a dancer, including the Prize of Merit from the Dancers Fund ’79 and a Golden Swan for her contribution to Dutch dance.

Over the past 30 years she has become the star of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, where she has collaborated with artistic director and choreographer Ed Wubbe. Well-known performances in which she danced a leading role were Kathleen, Nico, Pearl and Pablo. She has collaborated with many well-known choreographers such as Nanine Linning, Marco Goecke and Marcos Morau. She appeared in many duets with Mischa van Leeuwen, the other Scapino icon, who has been associated with Scapino for 25 years this year. Their duet in TING! was one of the highlights of the success performance with the NITS.

At Scapino, Bonnie also met her husband, world champion breakdancing Paulo Nunes with whom she has two children. Son Liam has the dance talent of his parents, daughter Luca plays in the Top Ten of the Dutch youth tennis ranking.

Bonnie Doets will remain associated with Scapino, where she will use her knowledge and experience in a new position. After Oscar, she will complete the follow-up tour of Casablanca as a dancer.

Ed Wubbe:

“For the Dutch dance audience, Bonnie is one of the defining and leading dancers of the last decades. Bonnie’s and mine’s careers have run almost parallel, she has always been an important part of my creations. Bonnie is a unique and versatile talent with great creativity, technical mastery, charisma and charisma. As a result, the public has always been able to identify with her and she has always been able to surprise.”

Bonnie Doets :

“When I look back on my career, I can only be grateful for all the beautiful things I have been able to do and experience. Dance has given me so much. A highlight was the performance TING! with circus performers and the NITS. What I will miss the most is the audience. The best thing is when I hear that I was able to touch people. For that your performance has to be sincere and honest, it is also a part of yourself. Fortunately, I know that there are fantastic young dancers ready to take over.”

22nd August 2022