Stedelijk Museum Schiedam will present art in a former cinema

It will take a while but the first step has been taken. Stadsherstel Maassteden B.V. has bought  the Monopole, the former cinema opposite the museum, from the municipality of Schiedam. After the renovation, the new owner will lease the property to the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. The museum wants to use the space for the presentation of large art installations and meetings for and with the city.  

“I find it very special and typically Schiedam to join forces and invest in the future, especially in times when we have difficulties,” says museum director Anne de Haij.  

The purchase is possible thanks to the support of the Schiedam Vlaardingen Fund and De Groot Fonds and with the cooperation of the municipality of Schiedam. It is not yet known when the Monopole will open.