Visitors and exhibition record at pop-up expo location KV02 in The Hague

In the heart of the Museum Quarter of The Hague on the Korte Vijverberg, ANNA has developed the location KV02: a pop-up location for exhibitions and presentations. For local talent but also from outside the city. In 2022, no less than 94 exhibitions were programmed and 35,766 visitors came across the floor. This meant both a visitor and an exhibition record. In the ten different rooms, spread over the building, many contemporary artists from home and abroad presented themselves. In addition, First Class Art and Pura Vida Interior exhibit permanently at this location.

“Since 2017, ANNA has been managing the former Rabobank building on behalf of Achmea. There have now been 424 exhibitions! Our starting point from the start has been to strengthen the cultural profile of the Museum Quarter. Literally next to the Mauritshuis where you can see the old masters, you can admire the newest and sometimes unknown artists. This combination is unique,” ​​says Willemijn de Boer. “For many artists, KV02 has also been a stepping stone in their career. For example, artist-couturier Peter George d’Angelino Tap. He is known for his beautiful tapestries and costumes for Splinter Chabot, Arthur and Lucas Jussen. He now exhibits in Pulchri Studio, also in the Museum Quarter. Bos fine Art and SinArts gallery have also had a permanent place with us for many years, have continued to grow and are now exhibiting elsewhere.”

KV02 can be visited for free on Thursday to Sunday from 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm. In addition, there is the possibility to organize other types of cultural activities, such as giving workshops, lectures and meet-ups. Look for the agenda at here

2017: 35 exhibitions and more than 11,500 visitors
2018: 60 exhibitions and over 19,199 visitors
2019: 72 exhibitions and approx. 26,095 visitors
2020: 80 programmed exhibitions and 15,886 visitors
2021: 83 programmed exhibitions and approximately 11,878 visitors
2022: 94 exhibitions and approx. 35,766 visitors

About ANNA Real Estate & Culture
ANNA creates places that work for people and the environment. ANNA provides a breeding ground where people come together and share experiences, where people work and develop. For example, she uses real estate as a means to connect creative people and initiatives. Always in the context of and in connection with the neighbourhood. ANNA develops a suitable concept and then brings together the right people and initiatives. This creates communities and creative hotspots that fit into the living environment and where everyone feels welcome. ANNA believes it is important that places can be used with pleasure, which is why she manages the property carefully and professionally. Over the past 15 years, ANNA has activated more than 50 places, especially in The Hague for the Central Government Real Estate Agency, the Municipality of The Hague, the Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg and BPD Development. From hub for local entrepreneurship in Pand Zuidwest to museum for contemporary art in Onze Ambassade. More information here