YARA’S WEDDING at Theater Rotterdam and on tour

An interdisciplinary performance by Guy Weizman, NITE (NNT + Club Guy & Roni) and Schauspiel Hannover.  

Do we really dare to question our prejudices? Have we maybe become too politically correct? How do we move forward without losing each other?

Yara’s Wedding is an interdisciplinary performance directed by Guy Weizman, with text by Antigone Akgün, Rik van den Bos, Rasit Elibol and Mohamedou Ould Slahi Houbeini. Together this unique group of writers – inspired by the work of Edward Said “Orientalism” – wrote a play about framing based on origin, colour, orientation, social status and cultural conflicts. No confrontation is avoided in this very musical and lively performance with 12 actors, dancers, singers and musicians from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Yara, Greta, Sebastian and Tony are childhood friends. They grew up in the same neighborhood and spent long, wet summers together. They were inseparable until that one night. The night the mansion burned down.

Twelve years later, Yara married Sebastian. On the occasion of the celebration, (old) friends and family go on a trip. Far away from their familiar surroundings, new bonds are forged and old conflicts come to light. In the carousel of confrontations, encounters and situations at the wedding, everyone slowly becomes so drunk and emotional that no one wants to go to bed until everything that needs to be said or done has been said or done.