B-Unlimited The Centre for Literature, Science and Debate.

B-Unlimited – the The Hague centre for literature, science and debate –  brings together writers, poets, thinkers and scientists from all over the world in programmes on literature, art, science and society.

The B-Unlimited programmes can be seen in Studio B, the venue in the Central Library of The Hague. The programmes are made by Writers Unlimited in co-operation with The Hague Library. Other organisations are invited to contribute to B-Unlimited with their programmes. We aim to offer through the year a diversity of programmes, focussing on Dutch and international literature, on science and society, and on topical local, national and international social issues. A major part of the programmes will be international and English spoken.

De programmes can be seen as livesstreams on internet, and the videorecordings are published on internet.

The Hague Library and Writers Unlimited have been co-operating for some years now. Writers Unlimited produced  Writers Unlimited The Series, on international literature, and Science Unlimited The Series, on science and society. The Hague Library made a monthly literary magazine on Dutch literature, named Literatuur Late Night, These programmes are now part of B-Unlimited.

The curators of the programmes are Mira Feticu (The Hague Library) and Ilonka Reintjens, Patrick van der Hijden (Writers Unlimited). Advisors: Tom Dommisse and Shervin Nekuee.

Photo is of Jeroen Vullings and Abdelkader Benali in Studio B – photo by Henriette Guest

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