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At the Oude and Nieuw Luxor Theatres in Rotterdam in November

Camaretten Festival is a very important event for starting comedians and comedy enthusiasts. The festival is a showcase, breeding ground and stepping stone for new talent. Many famous comedians have gotten their start at this festival, well known Dutch names include Bert Visscher, Marc-Marie Huijbregts, Brigitte Kaandorp, Theo Maassen, Daniël Arends, Ronald Goedemondt, Hans Teeuwen, and Jandino Asporaat.

Cameretten is the oldest cabaret festival in the Netherlands, and one of the largest. The festival has existed since 1966 and has shown an example for all other larger cabaret festivals, especially in tournament and prize-making.

In 1966 the first edition of the festival took place in the Koornbeurs in Delft , organized by SSR Delft . The name of the festival is derived from the square Cameretten located at the Koornbeurs . Since 1988, the festival has been held in Rotterdam.

All contestants will be awarded a place in one of the selection rounds. These pre-selections are located throughout the Netherlands. The selection board chooses nine participants / groups from all participants. These participants / groups participate in a workshop weekend with a number of try-outs. After the try-outs, the actual festival, which takes place in the old and new Luxor Theater in Rotterdam, begins. In 2014, due to the refurbishment of the Oude Luxor Theater, it was once extended to the Zuidplein Theater . There are three participants/groups each evening. On Friday night the three finalists will be announced by the jury. These perform again on the final evening. Thereafter the winner will be chosen by the jury. The jury may also issue a Personality Prize. This prize is not necessarily one of the three finalists, the winner can also be one of nine. The four nights of the festival have a professional guest performance as end of the evening. The public has ballot papers for the Public Prize.