Scapino Ballet Rotterdam is preparing for an exciting new season under the leadership of new artistic director Nanine Linning. The first performance in Linning’s new position at Scapino will be the choreography Anima Obscura in 2025. A large-scale, multimedia production for 25 dancers with a video scenography of holograms, digital animations, graphic drawings and live cameras in combination with orchestra and choir, soprano, baritone and harp.

Linning’s first season marks the four-year collaboration between two Rotterdam icons: the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. Together with the 50 singers of the Laurens Symfonisch, they bring to life Johannes Brahms’ Ein Deutsches Requiem and the contemporary composition by Yannis Kyriakides for Anima Obscura , in collaboration with the young star conductor Guiseppe Mengoli and the famous Dutch harpist Remy van Kesteren.

Anima Obscura shows the artistic innovation that Linning has in mind with Scapino. Collaborations with other art disciplines, digital art, science and technology around urgent themes for a broader and younger audience. Anima Obscura, for example, is about the malleability of humans and the use of artificial intelligence in the desire for immortality. Anima Obscura will be premiered in the O. Festival at the New Luxor Theater in Rotterdam in May/June 2025.