Important change have been announced to the curatorial team at the 1646, the project space for contemporary art in The Hague. After 15 years of working closely together, Floris Kruidenberg and Nico Feragnoli are leaving 1646 to embark on new projects.

In the last years, 1646 has undergone a remarkable growth in scale. Like many other cultural organizations operating under minimal resources, such growth was only possible thanks to the commitment and personal investment of the organizers.

Within the context of aspiring for adequate operational resources thanks were expressed to the Mondriaan Fund for granting 1646 their generous support for the next three years. 

The Mondriaan Fund said, after granting funds for the next three years, “The commission is enthusiastic about the program of 1646. They value the space offered to artists in the production and presentation of their work and the selection of (international) artists is commendable. The commission is happy with the position that 1646 occupies in the field of artist initiatives in the Netherlands.”

By continuing and expanding their support, Mondriaan Fund nurtures 1646’s position as a place for experimental solo exhibitions. Their plans for 2020-2022 focus on giving more sustenance to their attentive collaboration with artists, allowing new steps to be taken, new works to be seen. They will expand their program of events in-house, while also cultivating an international presence and collaborations with other networks abroad.  23rd December 2019