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Josephstraat 164
3014 TX Rotterdam

Contour Gallery was founded by Muriel Mager in 2017, and born out of love for photography and modern art.

Contour is one of Rotterdam’s youngest galleries for contemporary art, with a specialization in photography and sculptures. Located in Rotterdam, the gallery maintains a diverse exhibition program with mainly solo exhibitions of the gallery artists.

The origins of the owner, Muriel Mager, date back to 2010 when she opened a photography gallery in The Hague, named Sophie Maree Gallery (after her two grandmothers). During these early years, Muriel noticed quite a few talents in photography, such as Yang Yongliang, Christian Tagliavini, Justine Tjallinks and Ellie Davies whom she introduced then to the photography market in the Netherlands and abroad.

Through the participation in art fairs and exhibitions, the gallery focuses on representing artists in a vivid international network. Together with the artist, strategies are defined to bring the contour of the artist and the gallery to life.

The gallery outlines the contour. The artiest transforms the space and the visitor takes its interpretation.