Preview DE VREEMDEN at TR Schouwburg Grote Zaal, Rotterdam

26th – 28th October.

Political music theater under the direction of Reinbert de Leeuw presented by NTGent / Johan Simons / Theater Rotterdam

Meursault, the hero of the L’étranger novel of Albert Camus, shot an Arabian dead on Algiers beach. This was the result of the heat and the dazzling afternoon sun; he denies any deeper motive for the murder. Over sixty years later, Camel Daoud gives the anonymous Arabian a name and a voice. In the award-winning book Meursault – Contest Survey, the author spokes the victim’s brother. He is in dialogue with the French philosopher, with the humanist tradition and colonial heritage of the West, with which the name of Camus is inextricably linked. The novel reads as a settlement: with the West, with religion, all our lives seem to make sense.

The strangers use the current story of Meursault, a contest survey to ask questions about cultural identity in times of mass migration, post-colonialism and integration problems. Now the people without name and face – the strangers – stand by our many borders. They may seem anonymous, but they also have a history, an identity and a culture. Therefore, we must ask ourselves who we are and what values ​​we want to convey?

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