Discover the underexposed side of Salvador Dalí at Het Noordbrabants Museum

Opens 19th June.

Dalí – en niets anders

Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) was more than a genius artist: even as a person he was a “special portrait”. Dalí’s imagination knew no bounds; his life was one big, often provocative act. He liked to be in the spotlight and sought the attention of the masses. He cultivated his looks, starred in magazines, performed on talk shows and was in the news frequently. In addition, he regularly appeared in self-designed advertisements and commercials. With this he made himself a world famous and immortal brand. Discover these and other often neglected sides of Dalí in the Dalí exhibition – and nothing else. On display from 19th June in Het Noordbrabants Museum.

Not just an artist, but also a brand 

During the exhibition, the visitor finds out how Dalí developed into an artist at a very young age and how he did everything he could to draw attention to himself. And with success. His sparkling humor, profound passion, deliberate provocation, remarkable statements and of course his striking mustache stood out. These unique selling points seem thought out to perfection. With this he purposefully built a brand and his own immortality. 

From Chupa Chups logo to Vogue cover 

Ads for Bryans nylon stockings, Shell petroleum and Datsun cars. Designs for perfumes, Chupa Chups lollipops, Vogue covers and an ashtray for Air India … Dalí did not hesitate to use his artistic gifts for the most diverse commercial assignments. In addition to the product, he also put himself in the spotlight. In a television advertisement he managed to put this beautifully into words: “Alka Seltzer is a work of art. Truly one of a kind. Like Dalí”. According to Dalí, who here in a very artistic way recommends aspirins. 

Intimate photos of his life 

In addition to drawings, designs and objects of a diverse nature, the versatile exhibition also includes a selection of 125 photographs that have never been shown in the Netherlands before, offering an intimate glimpse into the life of the artist. The photos were taken by French photographer Robert P. Descharnes (1926-2014). He was friends with Dalí for 30 years, acted as his private secretary and was one of the few people who has been very close to the artist. The photos show Salvador Dalí – always posing – in and around his special house in Port Lligat and on the coast near the Catalan Cadaqués: the artist at work, in his spare time with friends and of course with his great love Gala.

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