DOMUnder, Utrecht

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Domplein 4
3512 JC Utrecht
+31 (0)30 233 99 99

The secrets of Utrecht’s Dom Square have been revealed. The entrance to the underground space where you can view 2,000 years of Dutch history is in the middle of Dom Square. A route under the centuries old square can be followed with a special torch to discover all sorts of archeological finds. History literally springs to life as the torch activates stories and animated films.

DOMunder allows you to experience history from the time the Romans built the castellum Trajectum, around 45 A.D. And why was Utrecht the center of the Netherlands in the middle ages? You can even experience the destructive tornado that caused the nave of the Dom Cathedral to collapse in 1674. DOMunder brings the history buried under the Dom Square to life for all to experience and see, young and old alike.