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Galerie Artline

Voldersgracht 18,


Tel.: 31 (0)15-7856897

A new contemporary art gallery in the centre of Delft which opened officially on 29th May 2022 and is run by Heleen van Haaften. It shows mainly abstract work by international artists.

The gallery has a big history. It was started by Heleen’s husband in 1976 and the first exhibition was in January/February 1978 with Cy Twombly. Many other exhibitions followed.

The gallery has exhibited the following artists: Blythe Bohnen, Max Bill, Enrico Castellani, Michael Goldberg, Giorgio Griffa, Frank Stella, Lon Pennock, Paul Citroen , Sjoerd Buisman and many others.

The gallery was based in The Hague, in the Toussaintkade, until 1995. From 1995 until 2010 it was situated on Bloemgracht in Amsterdam. In 2010 the gallery moved to Aalsmeer where it stayed until 2021 before moving to Delft.