Hotel Courage’s A ROOM WITH A VIEW in Amsterdam

10th December at WoW.

11th December at Het Compagnietheater.

Theatre Hotel Courage’s A Room With a View is a lauded show with actors from all over the world who brought their own stories and combined them into an exuberant play set at a hotel. Using archetypal masks, mime and music in an otherwise empty space, director Katrien van Beurden and her cast have a total hit on their hands. Courage celebrates resourcefulness in times of adversity and shows that the human spirit can be at its most creative when in a difficult situation. Don’t miss this!

About Hotel Courage

Theatre Hotel Courage is a theatre company founded by Katrien van Beurden. Together with her close collaborators Anne Fé de Boer, Remy van Kesteren, Sacha Muller, Thomas van Ouwerkerk and Peter Vigh she collects stories from all over the world. These are then translated into Courage’s original style of theatre with masks, representing humanity in all its forms: the old woman, the dictator, the manager and the refugee.

Photos by and © Moon Saris