LA YEGROS at The Korzo Theater in The Hague

Argentinian singer-songwritier La Yegros from Buenos Aires appeared with her lively three piece band at the Korzo in Den Haag tonight with her signature Nu Cumbia songs and music. With her powerful voice, exotic presence, colourful presentation and unique mix of traditional folk-based and contemporary beats and electro she has built up a huge fan base right across Europe. She was a favourite at the Horizonte Festival in Koblenz in 2014.

Taking to the stage in a pastel-dyed, fake-fur hoody, La Yegros proceeded to perform a number of rap-inspired songs, accompanied by Gabriel Ostertag, her energetic percussionist, and guitarist David Martinez. But the driving force of her band came from accordionist Damien Issertes who played without the customary sentimentality associated with the instrument or any reference to the great Astor Piazzolla.

I can imagine La Yegros comes into her own at outdoor festivals on summer nights and it is not surprising that she appeals to a young, diverse and multi-cultural audience across Belgium and France where her album Vienne di Mi shot to Number One in the charts. Her song El Bendito was featured in the football video game 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. I haven’t heard her albums but I suspect that her real appeal and strength lies in live performance.

This was not a sit-down concert, as we were expecting, but more like a gig at a small rock venue with the enthusiastic audience enjoying themselves, ambling around or dancing to the percussive Latin American beat.   Astrid Burchardt   1st June 2018


Photo by and © Astrid Burchardt