BEFREEDUB 2019 – King Shiloh Soundsystem at Q-Factory in Amsterdam

King Shiloh Soundsystem is back for another great show in Amsterdam. And this time, it is in new location. Instead of the usual appointment at NDSM in Amsterdam Noord, yesterday the concert was held at Q-Factory, in the east of the city.

As the largest music production centre in Europe, Q-Factory is located in an impressive building that houses about 50 rehearsal rooms, different concert halls and spaces used as workplaces. Inside you can also find a restaurant, a bar, several music shops and much more. It is the right place to meet musicians, cultural entrepreneurs, art lovers in general with whom having stimulating conversations, while enjoying a good drink.

Last night the roots reggae/dub music resounded throughout the whole Q-Factory. Not by chance King Shiloh’s sound system is known as one of the most powerful in Europe. Approaching the speakers, all the characteristics of this musical genre become clearly perceptible, such as the low and slow frequencies, which are magnetic and almost hypnotic.

On the scene since the late 90s, King Shiloh music draw inspiration by Rastafarian culture and political issues like racism, colonialism, war. It could be defined as one of the latest old school crews that still manages to give intense emotions and stimulate a positive approach to the world and to others and, therefore, remain faithful to the inspirational principles of the original reggae.    Federica Veccari   5th May 2019