Watch live shows from the couch during curfew! Poppodium PAARD will be streaming live for free, ongoing for the foreseeable future, so make sure to visit their website and check for the latest announcements.

PAARD, The Hague’s prime music venue, is offering a very diverse online program with free live streams from The Overslept, Shary-An and Meral Polat Trio. About two performances from The Hague stage are broadcast live every week via PAARD TV (PAARD’s livestreams). You can register up to 4 hours before the start of the show. So be there on time! For the viewer who would like to support the artist, there is the option to donate when registering and during the stream.

With an adjusted start time of 21:00, the stage wants to bring music into living rooms during curfew hours. A lot of program is already known, but much more is in the pipeline. The new program will be announced via the PAARD website, social media and newsletter.

Last year PAARD started to allow as much of the current program as possible to continue in an adapted manner. Live when possible and online when necessary. Or as the director Majel Blonden of PAARD puts it nicely: “In these times we think it is important to keep offering music. That is why we are now focusing on making our program widely accessible to everyone.”

For programme and registration information visit: