MUSEUM NACHT in Amsterdam

Children of the Light
Photo by and © Benjamin van Witsen

Museumnacht  (Museum Night in English) is one of the most celebrated and culturally interesting events in the whole of Holland. This year the municipality of Amsterdam has decided to involve not only most of the museums in the city, but also some public spaces, with installations and live performances that have made the atmosphere even more joyful and captivating. It was possible to attend the exhibitions from 7.00pm until 2.00am; pink lights illuminated the entrance of the museums involved in the initiative.

Museumnacht opened its 20th edition at 6.00 p.m. with a spectacular light show in Museumplein performed by ”Children of the Light”, two visual artists who created a gigantic light sculpture under the canopy of the Stedelijk Museum. During the night, the sculpture turned into a sea of fireflies flying all over the city. The cherry on the cake was a surprise appearance by rapper Yung Nnelg, a promising young talent from the Dutch hip hop scene.

The fact that Museumnacht Amsterdam is a permanent appointment is evident from the success with which the 20th edition sold out within 17 days. Among the various exhibitions scheduled, worthy of note are certainly those at FOAM, with the works of Brassaï, Vitturi and Thierry, and that of the Eye Filmmuseum, focused on the life and oeuvres of Russian director Tarkovsky.

In addition to a wide variety of works by artists from all over the world, each museum also housed music shows and bar spots, where you could refresh yourself with a drink or a bite to eat. Taking place not only in museums but also in different areas of the city, this year the project has really involved every layer of Dutch society, from art lovers to the less experienced ones, who could enjoy a very rich range of shows.  Federica Veccari   3rd November 2019