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Meet Sanne Clifford

As a maker, I’m using the tools and languages of dance, movement, words and film, and choreograph them into moving stories or conversations. This way of visual storytelling creates bridges towards the audience in various ways, where I aim to reveal moments of & space for (dis)connections. On and off stage or screen & during the entire process; from early towards ‘final’ stages. 

Stories can have all kinds of forms and shapes. There is space between the lines for the unsaid and the own imagination. That’s where art creates another place to meet. Looking from this point of view, I try to let daily life meet with the imaginary and with each other.

In my way of working I initiate concepts and invite other artists to join and co-create. Besides my choreographic work under the project-based dance company Sanne Clifford & Co, I’m also co-founder and artistic co-director of Choreolab Europe, a platform for choreographic research. 

Feel free to contact me for a chat, class, discussion and/or collaboration!