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Wilsonsplein 23

2011 VG Haarlem

Phone: 023 512 1212


From classical quartets to rock bands and ballet, Stadsschouwburg & Philharmonie Haarlem presents a riveting pallet of non Dutch spoken cultural events. Our theatre and concert hall, located in the historical city centre of Haarlem, offer a high-quality programme of theatre, dance and music.

Dating from the beginning of the twentieth century the Stadsschouwburg is one of the few remaining buildings referred to as a ‘bonbonnière’ (literally: a small fancy box for the presentation of sweets) in the Netherlands. The theatre’s extravagant interior and striking façade serve as an impressive decor. The Stadsschouwburg is characterised by its exclusive and warm ambience. The hall and its adjoining foyers are gorgeously decorated in classical style down to the finest detail. They offer a range of possibilities to accommodate parties from 5 up to 630 people.