STET presents ZERO live stream from The Hague

ZERO will be offered livestream on Friday 5th March at  8pm. Due to the continuation of government restrictions in relation to Covid-19, this show will take place as a livestream only, the live performances have been cancelled.

ZERO is about how human identity has been reduced to numbers. We are valued by the number of  followers or the number of re-tweets we get. What happens if these numbers no longer count? What if we find ourselves without a number?

The performance aims to highlight how boxed in we have all become by numbers, rules and regulations we have ourselves created. Who dares to question the validity of these? Who dares to defy their inner police voice and self-censorship? Who dares to find their inner Antigone and dives in to rewrite the game?

#migration #identity #globalisation

I am nothing. Zero.
Did you know, Sumerians, invented zero.
They called it the empty space.
The empty space between numbers.
The empty space between worlds.
I am now nothing. I am an empty space.

Zero is a work in progress, the March performances are previews.

Text Shahab Mehraban
Concept and director Arvand Dashtaray
Dramaturgy Cecile Brommer
Performance Robin Steegman
Production Virgule PAC – Teheran/Den Haag

Friday, 5th March – 20:00 live-streamed performance

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