Astrid Boons

The Korzo is working on many new and exciting projects including working with some new and some established makers. These are the talents they will be working with the upcoming four years as a result of the structural government funding (BIS 2021-2024). Perhaps you have seen some of their work during our virtual sleepover at the NITE Hotel or through other projects in Korzo. What are they working on at the moment? What can we expect from them for the next season? What stories will they tell? We would like to give you a little sneak peak up front. 

Furthermore, Samir Calixto and Antonin Comestaz are busy working in the studio for projects that will premiere shortly after the summer. The rehearsals for Here we live and now together with three creative makers.

Lots more new stuff coming up including:-


French choreographer Antonin Rioche believes that nowadays people are imbalanced and that dance can contribute to restore the connection between body and soul. In his work he consistently researches longing as it becomes a healing practice.

What’s next?
During the summer Antonin is making a short film based of the piece Finally, a sign of life that he made for Here we live and now 2019. For the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst he will make Huidhonger as part of the tour of Danslokaal 8. Meanwhile, he is also within the creation proces of his evening piece Glitter of which the premiere is planned during CaDance festival in 2021.


The Flemish Astrid Boons is deliberate and modest, but radical in her work. She sees movement as a natural form for everyone and dance is a way for her to approach life. Through dance, Boons continually discovers new layers in human beings. Transformations form the central focus of her work.

What’s next?In June, Astrid has been working on her research for her new proscenium stage performance that will premiere in the season of 2021/2022. Luckily we don’t have to wait too long to see new work by her. Krisztina de Châtel invited Astrid to make a double-bill: Feminale which premieres during CaDance festival.

All details of these and other productions can be found at the Korzo website