The return of the DELFT JAZZ FESTIVAL 2022

Their mission: to connect as many people as possible, and especially young people between the ages of 18 and 25, by letting them experience the real ‘Jazz feeling’. Because Jazz stands for wonderful music and celebrating life. For freedom, connection, spontaneity, originality and fun.

Jazz Festival Delft has a broad and colorful program. In addition to the ‘old’ Jazz, there is also room for new sounds, influences from other music styles, cultures and art forms. A suitable offer for every taste: we want to appeal to the largest possible audience with this.

And in terms of atmosphere and locations, it couldn’t be more beautiful than in Delft! The historic squares provide a setting full of character for the various live acts. As they are connected within earshot, the whole feels spacious and dynamic, but at the same time compact and cozy.

Delft Jazz Foundation

The organization of JFD has the task of providing this 3-day festival with sufficient performances of sufficient quality. We believe in the talent and ambitions of people. Artists from home and abroad, old hands in the field and young talent: we like to give them a stage to share their passion.

Sponsorship is, of course, indispensable for such a major event. Less than 25% of our budget consists of government subsidies. That is why we strive to establish long-term connections with companies and organizations that have ‘something’ with Delft. With the common goal: to keep the Jazz Festival Delft freely accessible.

Jazz Festival Delft inspires and connects and runs from 25th – 28th August.