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Koninklijk Theater Carré

Amstel 115 – 125
1018 EM Amsterdam

Tel.  020 – 52 49 453

Circus director and entrepreneur Oscar Carré opened his majestic theatre on the banks of the Amstel in 1887. Before that he had a travelling circus which was famous for its acts involving horses. Oscar Carré was familiar with the glitter and glamour, and the applause, but was no stranger either to the business side of theatre life. After many triumphs throughout Europe, he settled in Amsterdam. The Carré family lived in the company house which now houses the grand Loge Foyer.

Nearly 135 years later Carré has a lot more to offer besides the famous World Christmas Circus. From cabaret to concerts and from opera to musicals, Royal Theatre Carré has something for everyone. National and international stars from the world of circus, variety theatre and music have celebrated their greatest triumphs in Carré. Carré is consequently in the top three of famous cultural brands. What’s more, the theatre is an important player on the business market and the backdrop to small and large events alike, such as conferences, product presentations and premieres.

The success of Royal Theatre Carré, thanks partly to the entrepreneurial spirit of the man who gave it its name, is down to the strength and flexibility of this exceptional theatre. Carré is famous for its warm welcome. Over the years the theatre has undergone various changes and therefore fulfils today’s requirements. The theatre’s authentic character was always preserved during the renovations. Royal Theatre Carré has two restaurants and various foyers where visitors can congregate before and after performances and enjoy a bite to eat and a drink. Carré offers a unique theatre experience and a complete evening out.