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Zuidplein 60-64,

3083 CW Rotterdam

Phone:  010 203 0203


Theater Zuidplein is the stage of NOW with theatre that touches and affects you. The program, ticket prices and high level of service are tailored to suit audiences with a wide range of backgrounds, including those with a limited budget and those who would not normally attend the theatre.

“I go to Theater Zuidplein to find out who I am and what I think about certain issues”

Theater Zuidplein’s productions address current issues/events in today’s society. In Theater Zuidplein, the audience often responds directly to what is happening on stage, creating a wonderful lively atmosphere. The theatre features a very wide range of productions (including performances by guest programmers) in the following types: cabaret, dance, concerts, drama, youth theatre, children’s theatre, matinees for seniors, and festivals.

Overall experience, more than just a theatre!
Theater Zuidplein strives to be more than just a theatre. Therefore a visit includes a whole lot more! For example, all youth and children productions are followed by various activities or side programs. In addition we offer during many shows special food and beverages from various countries/cultures around the globe. There is also always a chance to meet and greet with artists.

Theater Zuidplein is also proud to have an outstanding team of catering staff and volunteers in the theatre’s café and foyers who is dedicated to make the stay for guests as pleasant as possible. This team consists of committed and driven personnel that exude friendliness and hospitality. The diversity within the team, as well as Theater Zuidplein’s attendees, is to a large extend a reflection of the inhabitants of Rotterdam. Experience shows that visitors appreciate this value and therefore are more likely to revisit the theatre.

Theater Zuidplein’s national ground-breaking and innovative policy

We are an ambitious theatre and primarily opt to stage productions that relate to current issues in society aimed at an audience of people who are not regular theatre-goers. In recent years, we have been highly successful in attracting new audiences thanks to our innovative policy that puts the customer first. This has resulted in a significant improvement in our image among the general public, colleagues in the industry, the business community and subsidising agencies.

Among our counterparts in the Netherlands and Europe, national and local government agencies consider us to be ground-breaking and innovative when it comes to diversity policy. Thanks to our innovative programming and marketing and highly-developed staffing policy, we have proved successful in attracting new target audiences to our theatre. The audiences we attract include 50% young people (from various cultural backgrounds), 25% adults from Rotterdam with a multiple cultural background (Dutch combined with Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese, Antillean, Cape Verdean, Chinese, etc.) and 25% adults from Rotterdam of solely Dutch cultural background. Our audiences, 50% of whom come from Rotterdam and 50% from the Rijnmond area see our theatre as hospitable, lively, creative, young and for everyone. In 2008, we were awarded the Koploperstop award by Minister Plasterk for our innovative policy. We are regularly invited to speak at national and European conferences and share our expertise in this field with others.