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Van Diemenstraat 410,
1013 CR Amsterdam

020 – 626 01 12

Year-round filled with old and new, young and established voices, from the art and beyond, from Amsterdam and abroad. Always looking for what performances can be and must be in motion and discourse; That asks us to see as a gift, to carry out new proposals for ways of watching, and bringing it to unknown worlds. Veem stands as a house for performance, dance and discourse for making and presenting radical, bold and experimental work.

We do this by producing and presenting performances in the interdisciplinary field of dance, theater, visual arts, cinematography, and music from new makers and by inviting work by international influential artists.

We do this in contact with schools and institutions with which we share fascinations and the field. (Oma SNDO, Mime, Amsterdam Master of Choreography and DasArts, Urban Museum, SPRING, ICK, Old Church, New Ground – Theater Festival, Van Gogh Museum)

We do this in discourse by organizing thoughts, book launches, debates and salons.

We do this by going outside and working with other rooms and elsewhere.

We do this with you – the audience, artists and all the curious spirits out there. The doors are open! Be welcome.