Verkaaik Bookshop in Gouda becomes the fifth Paagman

Bookstore Verkaaik in Gouda will continue under the name Paagman from Friday 9th February, 2024. Paagman in The Hague took over the 96-year-old bookstore on Lange Tiendeweg in April 2022.

Since the takeover of Boekhandel Verkaaik, Paagman has gotten to know the city of Gouda, the bookstore and its customers well and has prepared the transition to a new name. As a result, customers in Gouda can now also benefit from the benefits that Paagman has to offer.

Apart from the change of name and expansion of services, much of the Lange Tiendeweg will remain the same. This way, the trusted employees continue to provide customers with advice. The well-known reading clubs for different target groups will also go along with the name change. The first reading clubs under the new name Paagman between the books and Paagman between the YA books will take place on February 21 and March 2. Director Fabian Paagman: “Boekhandel Verkaaik is a fantastic bookstore and a true household name in Gouda and the surrounding area. Thanks to the more than 80 years of inspiring leadership of the Verkaaik family itself and the 10 years under the leadership of Bart Jansen. We feel honoured to be taking over the baton. have been able to take over from them and are bursting with energy to offer Paagman’s distinctive services in Gouda. To achieve this, one and the same name is necessary in all our stores.”

From 16th – 24th March Book Week will be celebrated throughout the Netherlands with the theme With us in the family. The perfect opportunity to celebrate the name change extra extensively with author visits and a welcome promotion: new participants in the Paagman Privilege membership will be treated to a Paagman Gift Card worth €5 during Book Week.

Paagman has been located in the Statenkwartier in The Hague since 1951 and has expanded over the past 72 years to be the leading bookstore in The Hague that also sells office supplies, music & catering. The Paagman family business is led by Nadine and Fabian Paagman. Together with approximately 150 colleagues, they ensure that more than 70 years after its founding, Paagman is still a leader in The Hague and surrounding areas in offering a wide range and varied range of products and distinctive services – both online and in its stores; both to commercial customers and to private individuals. Nadine and Fabian are the third generation owners of Paagman.

Paagman has two branches in The Hague, one in Delft, opened a flagship store in the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands (Leidschendam) in 2020 and also sells online.