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Fotogalerie De Kleine Klup
Nieuwe Rijn 1
2312 JB Leiden


Founded in June 1988, Fotogalerie De Kleine Klup started with the exhibition ‘Klupgangers’ by photographer Marc de Haan. This exhibition of black and white portraits was to be the first in a series of exhibitions that have been exhibited in the photo gallery over the last 22 years. To date, the collaboration between initiator and gallery owner Hein van Engelen, Marc de Haan and Brigitte de Bruijn is the driving force behind the gallery. With the arrival of two new gallery members, Gerrit Jan Bloem and Kasper van Ommen, the team is at full strength.

The Kleine Klup is located in the basement of Café van Engelen on the Nieuwe Rijn 1 in Leiden. The restored space, painted and decorated in light tones, belongs to the cellars under the Hoogstraat and the New Rhin. They are the only ones of their kind in western Netherlands. They are of great cultural historical value as a visible remnant of the sixteenth-century support of an elevated street and the seventeenth-century widening for the benefit of the market.