OLOF ART Leiden/Oegstgeest

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Olof Art

Willem van Otterloolaan 16
2343 MJ Oegstgeest

In 2015 Hab Vandenwijngaard took over Olof Art with the objective to offer a worldwide stage to Outsider art. It is obvious that the interest in not only fairs in general has grown but it’s safe to say the interest in Outsider art has grown too. Indeed our interest has not only grown but changed as well. For instance we have met and worked with many different artists who work outside the mainstream and work on their own, not connected to any organization. The artists we are working with live both in Europe and the United States. Our aesthetic is not grounded in only one country or one organization, but we are interested in a more wide ranging point of view.

Olof Art recognizes the need for flexibility and mobility as a requirement for current art practice and with that as a core focus and seeks to claim an innovative edge.